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   "Awaken the medicine within, and restore the natural self-healing capacity of body, mind, and spirit."
                                                                                                Dr. Roger Jahnke in THE HEALER WITHIN

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PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  We Find What We Are Looking For

It is a well established psychological fact that we - everyone - finds what he or she is looking for.

I sit here most days, watching videos, reading research reports and/or books that relate to my particular areas of interest. They are:

        Nutrition and how it impacts our overall health
        The importance of various forms of exercise
        Does meditation really have a beneficial impact on our body
        What about various supplements, and how they may or not be beneficial

These are my primary areas of interest, selected because of my personal history of their role in reversing (overcoming) Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

For me it was not enough to have accomplished that fete. I needed to be able to tell others just "how" I had accomplished that. In my case it meant a lot of soul searching, trying to determine the answers to that question. During the process of turning my MS around I tried many things. Actually just about everything I had ever heard of.

When I began to realize that the progression had ceased, I was thrilled. After all, I did not at that time even think it was possible to reverse neurological damage. I was just excited to have halted that progression. It was several years before I realized that the reversal had actually happened.

I surprised myself one day when I automatically - without conscious thought - walked up a very long flight of stairs as normally as I ever had. You see, my body remembered how to walk up those stairs. I was so startled and exited when that happened I turned around and walked back down those same stairs, and then up them again, laughing. and with tears streaming down my face.

I am frequently asked how long it took me to reverse my MS. The answer is, I do not know. Because I didn't think it was possible. I had not tried to walk up a flight of stairs since my right leg had become so weak and heavy that I could barely walk at the time of my diagnosis. In retrospect I now realize that perhaps I could have probably accomplished walking up those stairs sooner had I known that it could be done!

That brings me back to my original premise that we find what we are looking for. Had I been looking for the ability to walk normally up and down a flight of stairs, perhaps it would have happened sooner. I can only surmise at this point in time.

Please understand that I am not talking about a few short weeks or months, but a span of about six or seven years between stopping the progression and that exciting day when I found myself automatically walking up those stairs.

I remember a couple of years or so prior to that day going to a huge Macy's department store with my daughter-in-law and standing with her at the top of an escalator. I had used a cane for years when walking in public, and I handed it to her so  could hold onto the rails with both hands. Still I was so immobilized with fear that I was unable to take that first step.

Enough about me. Getting back to the subject of finding what we are looking for, we see it often in evaluating medical research reports.

The psychology behind this phenomenon is rooted in human nature. We human beings all automatically look for validation of our point of view. If we are a researcher, hired by a pharmaceutical company, we will look for ways to validate the efficacy of whatever is being evaluated and observed.

If a medical doctor is evaluating test data, he or she will often bring to bear their own preconceived beliefs. Just watch their presentations on YouTube, or in the U.S. on public television, and you will here conflicting nutrition advice. We are often advised to "consider the source" of any data. That is not only true for us, but for the medical community as a whole.

The other day I spent several hours reading medical opinions on the Internet from various well-respected medical groups, about several areas of nutrition and how that information might apply to neurological challenges like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, ALS, etc.

I looked at how well-known neurological centers differ in their opinions about the role of nutrition in these disorders. Questions like the role of various fats, processed sugars and flour, as well as the so-called Paleolithic, vegan and/or vegetarian approaches to nutrition. All claim successful numbers to support their programs.


The more conservative institutions tend to give little or no credence to nutrition at all, while the more liberal, forward-looking institutions usually fall into the category of recommending a nutrition-based program. Both these categories apply to individual physicians as well.

But that is changing. New physicians are joining the ranks of what they call functional medicine. Dr. Mark Hyman is a classic example. Dr. Terry Wahls is another example. Both of them were lead to functional medicine because of their personal physical challenges, although sometimes straddling the old as well as the new approaches to medicine.

Functional medicine looks at the whole body - not just your present symptoms - and determines where the body is out of homeostasis (perfect balance) for the cause of those present symptoms. Functional medicine is a modern day approach very similar to ancient Chinese medicine, out of which grew such things as acupuncture and Qi Gong. Both functional medicine and ancient Chinese medicine look for ways to return the body to a state of homeostasis. In that state the body's natural energy flows freely and is in what we call perfect health.

In functional medicine frequently many, many often expensive tests must be made in the effort to determine the source of the patient's symptoms. And most often insurance companies do not cover many of those costs.  This limits a patient's access to these tests.   

Because of my own experience, as well as belief, that most of these physical challenges are lifestyle related, and also that our body is designed to be self-healing, to me it does not seem essential to conduct all those tests. After all, it doesn't matter what caused my MS; it only matters that I reversed it.

What to eat is very confusing. I believe very strongly that eating a healthy diet is very important. However, I also believe that you and I create our own health with our total lifestyle, which includes nutrition, our belief system, meditation, and very importantly exercise.

Well known physician Dr. John McDougall recommends a vegan, very low fat and high starch diet, no dairy, with little restriction on processed sugar and flour.

Functional medicine recommends, for the most part, a diet high in healthy fats, minimal processed sugar or wheat products, high quality animal protein, with at least 3/4 based in low starch vegetables. This is a good description of my own nutrition program.

I must add that I believe putting our belief in medicines and doctors for chronic disorders is very misplaced. However, these conditions most often can and do respond to a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

One last thing on this topic. It is a mistake to believe that exactly what works for one person will work for everyone. It is the sum total of a total lifestyle transformation that brings about healing.


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PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) Healthy Recipes and Food Tips

For all of us who are into healthy eating, here is a great breakfast idea. I make them ahead and re-heat them (in the microwave or regular oven) for a quick and easy breakfast. You may also make little "baskets" from shredded hash browns tossed with a little olive oil, then baked until beginning to brown. Then fill the cups with the egg and veggie mixture before returning them to the oven.


Mini Egg Tins

        2 to 5 eggs

        1c. chopped veggies

        greased (or sprayed) muffin tins or custard cups

        crumbled cooked bacon (optional)

        shredded cheese of your choice (optional)


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Beat desired amount of eggs in a bowl.

Combine chopped veggies, eggs and bacon (if using), and mix.

Pour mixture into greased muffin tins.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, until the eggs mixture puffs and sets.


Pumpkin Black Bean Soup


        4 T olive oil

        1/2 c. chopped shallot or red onion

        2 garlic cloves, minced

        3 T ground cumin

        1 t. salt

        1/2 t. ground pepper

        1 t. each cinnamon and allspice

        3 cans black beans (44 oz.), drained and rinsed

        1 can diced tomatoes (16 oz.)

        4 c. vegetable or chicken broth

        1 can pumpkin puree (16oz,)

        3 T balsamic vinegar

        baked pumpkin seeds, for garnish (optional)


Place oil, shallot or red onion, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, cinnamon and allspice into a large pot and cook on low-medium heat until the shallot or onion and garlic begin to  brown.


Using a food processor, puree the beans and tomatoes with 1/2 of the broth. Add the pureed beans, tomatoes, pumpkin and the rest of the broth to the pot. Simmer the mixture, uncovered, until thick, about 40-45 minutes. Before serving stir in the balsamic vinegar and garnish with baked pumpkin seeds, if desired. 

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) From My Mailbox

  Thank you Betty for the February issue featuring Fake Foods. I'm afraid I too often succumb to the temptations of these food-like prepackaged so-called foods. Man of them hardly resemble food when one takes them out of the oven or microwave. They are most often either too salty or bland with little or no flavor. Fake food indeed. You certainly gave me food for thought :)  /s/ Kimberly F.

Thanks Kim for writing. Sometimes I really wonder how many people really read what I write in these newsletters. Mail Chimp, who manages my mailing list, tells me that I have a much higher than average percent of subscribers who actually open the e-mail and click through to the newsletter. Something like 75 to 85 percent. Just so you know, the average is about 25-30 percent. Every time I read that Mail Chimp report, I am reminded that my audience is highly educated and aware. Thanks to everyone who wrote about the Fake Foods feature. Incidentally, some often call them Franken Foods. Whichever, we neither need them in our homes, on our tables, or especially in our bodies.


Thanks Betty for reminding me of the importance of tuning into my inner voice. like a personal GPS. /s/ Tomas P.


Thank you for sharing Tom. It was through learning to meditate daily that I discovered my own GPS. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Private Skype Video Consultations

If you are newly diagnosed, when it is so important to get started on a good program before you sustain significant neurological damage, this is an option I strongly urge you to consider.  Or perhaps you feel "stuck," and have become discouraged.  Usually when that happens our belief level has slipped, and a private consultation can really kick start your program.  These consultations are most effective when done by Skype video (if you have a web cam), and are up to two hours in length.  A coach or mentor can be invaluable in your healing journey.  If you are interested in knowing more about a personal consultation, please let me know HERE and I'll send specific information, as well as a pre-consultation questionnaire and testimonials.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) Exercise/Movement - Keep Moving

If you are a Senior Citizen like me, you already know the importance of keeping your body moving.  If you have not yet experienced the challenges of aging, trust me - soon enough you will! The old adage, "Use It or Lose It" is really true. Find some program that works for you, and make a commitment to follow through on a regular basis.  You will live longer, and be healthier through the rest of your life.


I for many years have recommended Qi Gong for healing. I strongly recommend it for all those newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The Qi Gong for Seniors program by Lee Holden is the best easy Qi Gong program I know of. You'll find it at You will find many different programs there, most of which I have, but for healing and/or seniors or beginners, the Qi Gong for Seniors is the one you want. Save your money and do not order the others


I credit much of my recovery from PP MS to discovering Qi Gong early in my journey. I believe I walk and live a normal life today due to years of daily Qi Gong practice.


If you want to work on overall strength, stamina and balance, you will find them all, and much more, in the program. There is no substitute for working with weights. The Grow Young program has helped me immensely since I had big time reconstructive surgery following an accident almost three years ago.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Books and DVD Orders


I invite you to order any of my e-books from Amazon at:


(Same information as Four Steps, but directed to non-MS people)


                (Michael and Me shares all the details of my own years-long healing  journey,  including meeting my spirit guide, whom I

                 call Michael).


NOTE: The above e-books are also available in PDF format from my order page.

I have the very excellent Yoga for MS DVD by Shoosh Crotzer in stock, on my order page. This DVD is a very valuable tool to begin your healing journey. (The Tai Chi for Seniors. recommended in my books, is presently not available.)

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That's all folks!  Again, a warm welcome to all our new subscribers. Please know that it is always my intent that this NL be interactive. So please anytime take a moment and send me a note HERE if you have a question or comment. I promise to respond.

My goal with each issue of this newsletter is to help you achieve the same positive results I and many others have had, reversing whatever physical challenge you may have. Your body is amazingly intelligent; it absolutely evolved to be self-healing.

Have a great month. Until next time, be kind to yourself, and please remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You never know when you may not have another opportunity.


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medically trained person, and I  do not give medical advice. But I have been a very serious student of Multiple Sclerosis for many years now, and also nutrition, and have developed a program that has kept me symptom free for a lot of years. I  merely share what I have learned in my own journey to healing.