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Recommended Nutritional Supplements for MS

I believe the best chance of defeating MS comes from lifestyle changes. These are DIET to give the body the proper "fuel" it needs while avoiding foods which may be inflammatory, NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS to support the body's self-healing, STRESS REDUCTION for which I recommend meditation, and EXERCISE for which I recommend Qi Gong Tai Chi and/or gentle Yoga stretches.  

Importantly, the foundation of any lifestyle change program is your attitude and belief.

You do not have to re-invent the wheel!
Thousands world wide are having success with this program,
and you can too!

There are not a lot of supplements one needs to take that relate directly to MS.  Many of those often recommended do not relate directly to MS.  Actually I take fewer and fewer supplements all the time.  I believe my dollars are better spent on healthy organic foods.  I also believe that the minute quantities of particular nutrients in their natural form are more beneficial to our bodies than are synthetic supplements.



bullet Omega 3 - The Essential Fatty Acidss are extremely important because our body makes myelin from them.  Omega 3 is the most important EFA for MS.  I take two top quality fish oil capsules daily. (Each capsule contains 1200 mg fish oil and 600 mg EPA/DHA.)

In previous years I also took a tablespoon of Barleans Flax Seed Oil, but current research seems to indicate that we should avoid the Omega 6 in flax oil.  I have also taken evening primrose oil in past years, which is high in Omega 9, but today I only take and recommend fish oil.
bullet Vitamin D – 5000-10,000 i.u. daily (colecalciferol form or Vitamin D3). There are many Internet sources who offer Vitamin D3 in 5000 i.u. gel caps that make it easy to take. Vitamin D is nature's regulator of the immune system.  I’ll be glad to send along to you Dr. Ashton Embry's Vitamin D scientific documentation.  Vitamin D is extremely important for MS. 

It is highly recommended that everyone have a 25(OH)D blood test for levels of Vitamin D after one year to be sure levels remain in the 100-150 range.  If necessary the dosage should then be adjusted.  [I personally take 10,000 i.u./day to keep my blood levels in the upper limits of normal.]
bullet B-12 (should be the methylcobalamin form, sublingual), 5 mg/day, which is highly recommended for MS.  In this strength, you usually need to go to the Internet.  (If you are experiencing an exacerbation, increase the B-12 to two times per day.) 

There are a few other supplements that one may wish to take for overall good health, like calcium, Co-Q10, etc., but Vitamin D, B-12, and the Omega 3s are the only ones which I feel directly relate to MS.  I believe strongly that our dollars are better spent on healthy fresh foods instead of synthetic supplements. 

I have written a very comprehensive e-book, Four Steps to Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, which is an in-depth look at everything I do and recommend in order to live a healthy life, while dealing with whatever challenges MS may bring into one’s life.  You may read details about this lifestyle guide at Four Steps.

I WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about any part of this report, please do not hesitate to write to me by e-mail.