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Recommended Exercise Videos and Books
Available Through Betty's House


My first experience with an exercise video that really helped me was when a friend called to tell me that she had bought me a copy of Tai Chi for Seniors.  For seniors?  I wasn't a senior!!  But I quickly learned that the simple QiGong (pronounced chi kung) healing exercises featured on this video are very powerful.  That was about nine years ago.  Then a couple of years later I found the Yoga for MS video.  It made a profound difference for me and I combined the two disciplines, QiGong and adapted yoga.  Then I discovered Gentle Fitness a year or so later, and added some of its variety to my exercise program. 

Later I discovered Dr. Roger Jahnke's book, The Healer Within.  It offers some incredibly powerful, effective and very simple self-healing techniques from ancient Chinese medicine.


YOGA FOR MS and Related Conditions (DVD) by Shoosh Crotzer

YogaMS[1].jpg (26598 bytes)I have personally worked out with this video almost every day for the past 8 years, and it was a great find for me. 

Formerly known as Pathways: Exercise for People With Limited Mobility, this video is very powerful, and very effective for relieving the spasticity that effects people with MS.  It is highly recommended for relieving the low back pain which plagues many of us.  It is also effective in helping strengthen the hamstring muscles which are so important for those of us with leg weakness.  This video is based totally on Hatha yoga, which has been adapted and modified for  limited mobility, and is mostly a floor or seated routine.  Instructions are given for an assistant when one is needed.  I cannot recommend this routine too highly. 


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SeniorsSmall[1].jpg (12581 bytes)Tai Chi for Seniors (DVD) Self Healing Through Movement (Qi Gong Report)
by Mark Johnson, Tai Chi and Qi Gong Master

Mark has taught Qi Gong (chee gung) and Tai Chi, integrating them creatively for over 25 years.  Mark was trained in China and Taiwan and is a Tao master and healer as well.

This video is divided into four segments.  First, warm-up (simple loosening of the joints and gentle stretching) exercises, second are specific and very simple QiGong healing movements.  Third the video features acupressure and self-massage, with specific simple techniques for strengthening the immune system, for arthritis, headaches and high blood pressure, for stimulating the entire neurological system, increasing memory etc.  The fourth section of the video is a 4-minute simple QiGong Tai Chi "form," which uses only 10 easy movements.

A friend purchased for me my first copy of this program, about 15 years ago, and by learning to work with Mark's simple, easy-to-learn QiGong movements I first made the connection between simple deep breathing and stretching exercises and halting the progression of MS.

Even though initially designed for those 60 years and older, this program is ideal for anyone, especially those with limited mobility. 


HealerWithin.gif (12826 bytes)The Healer Within (book)
by Roger Jahnke, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

I am so excited about what the self-healing techniques taught in The Healer Within have done for me. 

While nothing in this book is a magic bullet that will miraculously make your MS go away, I can unequivocally guarantee that if you will do these very easy-to-follow techniques, you will improve the quality of your life while aiding your body’s efforts at self-healing.

This book uses the traditional natural Chinese medicine techniques of:

bulletGentle Movement  bulletSelf-Applied Massage bulletDeep Breathing Exercises     bulletMeditation

All the techniques taught in The Healer Within are drawn from the ancient Chinese healing system of Qi Gong (Chi Kung). Each technique is accompanied by how-to sketches, and all may be done either sitting, standing or lying down, so there is no one who cannot do them, whatever your level of disability.  And each simple exercise is accompanied by easy-to-follow sketches.  The best part is the very first few minutes you will experience a rush of energy and you will know without doubt that they are having a beneficial effect on your body.

If you are a person who says, "I am just too lazy...I know that I won’t stay with an exercise program," which I hear a lot, please, please trust me. This is not just an exercise program. It is sooooooo easy and simple. And the results are immediate! If there is such a thing as a lazy way to health, this is it! Seriously, I can’t think of a single excuse for not doing this simple, easy program.

Right now, as you read this, with open palms, vigorously massage your entire head and ears for a couple of minutes. Come on...please don’t read on until you do this little exercise. For at least a full minute vigorously massage your entire head and especially your ears. Feel the rush of energy throughout your body. This is just a tiny preview of how the self-massage makes your entire body feel alive and energized.

Trust me and order The Healer Within today through this link to Amazon.com.   I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Shop at Amazon.com!


Four Steps to Overcoming
ultiple Sclerosis


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Betty Iams

This easy-to-follow guide includes complete details of everything I have learned in my own journey to overcome the tendency of MS to progress.  I do not believe disability progression has to be the ultimate outcome of an MS diagnosis.  I believe in taking charge of my own health.  While I am not intrinsically opposed to allopathic medicine, I truly do believe that my and your body were designed to be self-healing.  And that by using the four easy-to-follow steps this new book recommends we can provide the healing environment our body needs in order to prevent MS from progressing. 

Four Steps to Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis includes a complete easy-to-follow 3-stage guide to the so-called Best Bet for MS Diet (BBD), including categorized recipes, very extensive how-to tips, substitutions, etc.  It even includes shopping lists and how to stock your cupboards.

Four Steps to Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis also includes complete guides to :
Exercise Programs, Meditation, Recommended Supplements,
a complete Meditation guide and Breathing Exercises.

is available for $21.50 and is available for


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                                                                                                                         By Betty Iams

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From PRIMARY PROGRESSIVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and hopelessness to developing a successful NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT PROGRAM, to a whole new life, I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey.


If you have MS you need to read From MS to Wellness.  But this book is not just about MS, it is about how to change whatever you want or need to change in your life.   If you do not have MS but have other challenges in your life, you need to read From MS to Wellness.   I believe that healing is not just about wellness in the physical body.  I believe wellness encompasses the whole person...mind, body and spirit. 
This book covers material I teach in seminars, to educate people about how to stay and/or get healthy.   Although written in 1997, the material is still very relevant today.


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